02.10.2017 – 21.10.2017 «ATHOS – HOLY LAND »


The organizers are the Union of Moscow Architects, the Russian Academy of Arts, the Section of Monumentalist Artists of the Moscow Union of Artists.

On October 2, 2017 in Moscow Central House of Architects opened an exhibition of artists – monumentalists “Athos – Holy Land.”

The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, sculptures, frescoes and mosaics  by Tsereteli Z., Maksimov E., Kalinin V., Kulakov V., Razgulin V., Bubnov V., Medvedev N., Masteropoulo I., Krasnoshlykov G., Antonov S ., Zhuchkov A., Bliznyuk V., Rodin I.

Most of the works were made by masters under impressions received from the pilgrimage to Holy Mountain in 2015. The variety of techniques and types of works presented, their plastic diversity is a hallmark of the exhibition. Having received from Prot (The Head) of the Holy Mountain, the Elder Simeon, a blessing for a series of artistic plein airs, in order to capture the most picturesque views of the inheritance of the Holy Bogoroditsa, during a period of several months over twenty Moscow artists visited Mount Athos. As a result of the pilgrimage – a huge number of works created by venerable masters, inspired by the scenic nature, the architecture of Mount Athos and the lives of its inhabitants.

Address of the exhibition: Central House of Architects, Moscow, Granatny Lane 7, bld.1.



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Museum Buziani, 27-31 Buziani str., Daphni, Athens, Greece (metro Agios Ioannis)

1-16 October 2016

The exhibition takes place in the framework of the First European Festival of Arts and Mental Health. NEFELE project.

Opening: Saturday, October 1, 2016, at 20.00

This exhibition draws its inspiration from the point where art and psychoanalysis meet, and where manifestoes of  different artistic movements communicate  with Freud and Jung. The benchmark of this meeting is “automatism”. Automatism recorded  in the form of 32 games or methods that each person can  apply  to unlock one’s unconscious. The exhibition presents the works  of thirty-six contemporary artists who study the concept of  automatism of  the perception  and  the “chance” as a playground.

Exhibitors include:

Olga Aleksopoulou, Manolis Anastasakos, Vanessa Anastasopoulou, Alexis Avlamis, Nar (Iacovos  Volkov), Design Group Beetroot, Campus Novel, Gregory Poggins- Vryttia, Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Dimitris Efeoglou, Canuto Callan, Dimitris Kaliviotis, Theofilos Katsipianos, Elias Kafouros, Nina Katamanidou, Christoforos Katsadiotis, Michalis Kotsaris, Kalliopi Kuklinou, Taxiarchis Mermiris, Christina Mitrentse,  Leon Michail, Ivan Masteropulos, Vasilis Votulas, Christina Nacou, Spyros Nakas, Kyriakos Papageorgiou, Babis Papagiannis, Katerina Papazisi, Stavroula Papadaki, Sofia Papakosta, Giannis Skaltsas, Erie Skyrgianni, Panagiota Staicou, Acrivi Simeonidi, Mirto Ferentinou, Hrisanthos Christodoulou.

Curator Maritina Kondaratou

Website: http://www.nefeleproject.eu/el/nefele-festival/1st-european-festival/topics/



The show of Ivan Masteropoulo and Anton Viatkin, is
a result of a meeting between a painter and a sculptor, that came together to discuss again around matters of depiction, construction, form and materiality, where each one of them is giving a new enlightening answer through his own medium specifisity.

Opening: 4th of August at 19:00


Gallery Open Club,
Spiridonovka 9/2, Moscow

The form starts and wins

by Vera Kalmykova

….And sometimes there is a will to look back and listen what was being said in the past about something that today presents itself almost as natural as nature morte. For example, in 1917 A.Rostislavlev wrote in “Apollo” magazine about art that became “completely out of the limits of realism”:” Ways beyond this edge may diverge in different directions – from stylization due to retrospectivity, from sophisticated graphic quality to a new understanding of nature in terms of choice and combination of its particularities and in terms of transmission mainly of density, material and colours’ strength. … This edge line is important because beyond it once and forever the primacy of purely pictorial and formal aspirations was approved”.

Two years later, in a small brochure A.Bakushinsky commented on these ways: “Experiments with “movements forward” on the ground of abstraction in art, decomposition and new synthesis of visioning, coming from Picasso, end sadly or in soul devastation and despair in front of the rubbles of broken and desecrated beauty, or in cold rationality and substitution of creative impulse by boring algebra of symbols ( in Futurism, Rayonism, Suprematism)”.

The history brought its verdict: purely pictorial and formal aspirations are being realized more and more actively, because the variations of their archetypes are being born in endless quantities (even though there are not more than a dozen of these very archetypes). The language of the avant-garde has become as natural as ABC for us.

And today for us expressionism is probably the easiest way already to convey our message to the others, integrated into the problematics of contemporary culture, as well as ourselves. Deprived of its protest component, the modern avant-garde goes to areas of beauty and harmony, from which it previously escaped. And we see here as Ivan Masteropulos comands the expressionist forms so brilliantly, that it seems quite convenient to use them for transmission of somebody’s state of relax and strong will …

And now again, the sculptor Anton Vyatkin uses avant-garde forms and techniques in order to, as he says himself, to convey the soul of the material: “Any material has its soul. My task is to show the properties of the soul, to reveal its essence.” I wonder how would Picasso respond to the message of the “soul of the material”?…

But it would be even more interesting to see what will happen to the art further. Because divergent ways’ pattern already exceeded the standard variation of 180 degrees and moves into 3D space. It is clear that there is more than one realism, and we really want to find out what it will be – realism enriched by experience of freely understood forms and practice of mixed visual languages.

Maybe in ten years Vyatkin and Masteropulos will show us this.

(Русский) 06.05.2016-31.10.2016

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(Русский) http://russkiymir.ru/news/199045/

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“Curious Artefacts” is a project by artist Becky Campbell involving 80 artists, architects, designers and writers. The starting point for the project was a photograph of finds from the Antikythera Shipwreck taken after the excavation and included in the exhibition held at The National Archaeological Museum in Athens. In the image a number of objects excavated from the seabed have been dried and taken to land, then brought together on a table pushed against the wall with paper pinned above it. These artefacts have been captured by the camera suspended between two states: they have been recognised as of interest and curiosity but are not yet fully understood or categorised.

For “Curious Artefacts” Campbell has invited each of the 80 participants to contribute experiments, finished works, found images, found objects, maquettes, notes, photographs, sketches, texts and works-in-progress. At ArtWall the artefacts will be arranged densely on tables and walls, referencing the excavation and collecting of an archaeological dig, the layout of objects at a flea-market or a cabinet of curiosities.

Curated by Becky Campbell

Alejandro Lopez / Aliki Pappa / Alexandros Vasmoulakis / Andreas Kassapis / Andreas Sell / Anita Gauran / Augustus Veinoglou / Beagles & Ramsay / Catriona Gallagher / Christos Bourantas / Chrysanthi Koumianaki / David Cass / David Whelan / Despina Flessa / Dimitris Efeoglou / Dimitris Ioannou / Dimitris Papoutsakis / Dimitris Protopapas / Dimitris Theodoropoulos / Emanuele Balzani / Emma Ewan / Eric Schumacher / Euan Maharg / Eva Isleifsdottir / Ewan Robertson / Fiona Mathison / Foteini Palpana / Giannis Amanatidis / Giannis Cheimonakis / Giannis Delagrammatikas / George Tourlas / Gordon Brennan / Gordon Munro / Graeme Todd / Greece is for Lovers / Hannah Imlach / Hulda Stefansdottir / Iain Morrison / Ian Richard Jackson / Ino Varvariti / Irini Bachlitzanaki / Isabell Kamp / Ivan Masteropoulos / Jack Burton / Javier Gastelum / Joanna Peace / Konstantinos Kotsis / Kosmas Nikoloaou / Kostas Christopoulos / Konstantinos Chryssogelos / Laura Edbrook / Laura Sutherland / Loukas Bartatilas / Luke Burton / Magda Krawcewicz / Maro Michalakakos / Mika Neu / Myrto Xanthopoulou / Nikos Sepetzoglou / Nikos Tsolakoglou / Noemi Niederhauser / Paky Vlassopoulou / Panos Mattheou / Pantelis Yiannakis / Pavlos Georgiou / Rachael Cloughton / Richard Taylor / Sally Troughton / Scott McCracken / Serra Tansel / Sofia Dona / Stephanie Mann / Susan Mowatt / Talc / Theo Prodromidis / VS VS VS / Yiannis Papadopoulos / Yiannis Sinioroglou / Yorgis Noukakis / Zoe Hatziyannaki

The ArtWall, 26 Sofokleous Street, Athens
16 September-13 October 2015
16:00-20:00 Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

11.11.2014 – 20.11.2014


Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Section of Artists of Monumental and Decorative Art of Moscow Union of Artists

The Organizer — Section of artists of monumental and decorative art of the Moscow Union of Artists. This Jubilee exhibition is dedicated to the 60th anniver-sary of the creation of a professional association of Moscow artists, who tied their artwork with architecture and with the space of the beloved city.

The name of the exhibition is the key to understanding of the creative credo of monumentalists. The wall art paintings pass from cave paintings and frescoes of the temples to the decor of modern architecture, and at the same time they represent immersive paintings, pictorial and plastic experiments in the formation of new meanings and signs. Such are the origins and the range of these activities.

The exhibition presents the works from the 1960′s till the present times.           The word “Canvas” in the title of the exhibition is being interpreted metaphorically – as versatile forms of  easel art. Will be presented paintings, graphic works, sculptures, objects of contemporary art: photographica, installations, etc.

The architectural part of the work – “The Wall” – will be presented in two parts: the Soviet period’s street art of the 1960s – early 1990s will show a video, “The Artist and the City”, with following decades being presented by photographs, projects, fragments of works in various techniques of monumental painting: Roman and Florentine mosaic, fresco and tempera paintings, stained glass and so forth.

The exhibition presents the works of late Nikolaj Masteropulo (1948 – 2003) and his son, Ivan Masteropulo.

The anniversary exhibition shows works of such masters as Andrei Vasnetsov, Boris Talberg, Nikolai Andronov, Natalia Egorshina, Boris Milyukov Yuri Korolev, Victor El’konin, Irina Lavrova, Evgeny Kazariants whose works are recognized by the history of art and are located in best Russian and foreign museums, decorate many public buildings throughout the country.

Among the participants who continue their creative activities there are Vadim Kulakov, Alexey Artemiev, Ivan Lubennikov Yevgeny Maximov, Eleanora Zharenova, Alexander Kornoukhov, Vasily Bubnov, Ivan Nikolaev, Zurab Tsereteli, Leonid Polishchuk, Nikita Medvedev, Valery Bashenin, Elena Patlazhanova, Victor Kalinin and many other outstanding masters of easel and monumental painting. Their achievements are marked with titles and awards, our public is familiar with their works due to multiple previous exhibitions.

Address of the exhibition:                                                                                                 

The Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia


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